The Marsden March 2016

On Sunday 13 March 2016 over 5,500 supporters, staff, family and friends came together to take on cancer. 

We've pulled together some of our favourite photos, tweets and moments from the day in the links below. 

A selection of tweets and moments from the day
Main photo gallery (Facebook)
Photos from the 14-mile and five-mile start lines (Facebook)
Finish line photos (Facebook)
Finish line photo frame and giant medal (Facebook) 

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to view the photos but if you do you can like your favourites and tag yourself and people you know. 

A huge thank you must go to our photographers, Chris Salmen, Chris Bell, Darton Bell, David Dews, Kirsten Holt and Randi Sokoloff.

Catch up on some of our favourite photos and tweets from the day with our Storify below: