PET/CT scanner

PET/CT scanner

Each month during our ten10 campaign we are looking at a different way in which supporters of the charity have helped fund innovation at The Royal Marsden. This month: the PET/CT scanner.

To diagnose and treat people effectively, clinicians need as much accurate information as possible about what’s happening inside patients’ bodies.

The Royal Marsden’s PET/CT scanner, which was funded by the Make our Day appeal in 2003, produces exceptionally detailed images that help clinicians diagnose cancer earlier, target tumours more effectively and assess treatments for a wide range of cancer types including pancreatic, breast and lung cancer.

The scanner also plays an important role in research, particularly in trialling the new anti-cancer therapies developed by the Oak Drug Development Unit and other clinical units. At the last count, the scanner was used in 30 active trials and there are many more in the pipeline.

By sharing its experience of using the scanner with other researchers, The Royal Marsden contributes to the wider development of PET techniques throughout the UK and Europe.

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Supporters of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity contributed to the cost of the PET/CT scanner.

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“Nearly ten years on the PET/CT scanner is still a valuable piece of machinery.”
– Bernadette Cronin, Deputy Director, Clinical Services