Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centre

Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centre

RDAC offers quick and effective diagnosis with a fast track through to treatment if diagnosed. It opened in 2008, less than a year after a serious fire at the Chelsea hospital.

Patients with breast abnormalities, prostate difficulties, skin conditions, colorectal symptoms or a family history of cancer who have been referred by their GP are no longer seen in outpatient clinics alongside patients already undergoing treatment.

Funded by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, the centre is located in a separate building from the main hospital. It offers a calm and pleasant environment for patients. It is equipped with pioneering equipment enabling biopsies to be taken and tissue samples to be examined quickly. Diagnoses are often done within hours.

How RDAC has evolved

When the RDAC first opened it was only for patients with colorectal, prostate or breast symptoms. In October 2009 the service was expanded to include other urological cancers, a dedicated skin clinic was opened in March 2010 and in February 2011 services for suspected sarcoma moved in.

Because of the RDAC, our Breast Unit was able to exceed the Department of Health standard – over 98% of new GP patient referrals were seen within 14 days, most within a week.

Your support

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity contributed £6 million to the cost of the RDAC.

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“We know that a speedy diagnosis is crucial for better patient outcomes. We also know how worrying it is waiting to get results.”
– Vina Vallabh, RDAC Sister

Amount contributed by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity