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Everything you need to know about The Banham Marsden March at Home. If your query has not been answered, please contact the team 


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About The Banham Marsden March at Home 

What is The Banham Marsden March at Home?

The Banham Marsden March at Home is a virtual walking event. We are asking you to walk 5 or 15 miles, in your local area, on Sunday 22 May, to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

When is The Banham Marsden March at Home?

We’d love everyone to walk together on Sunday 22 May. You’re more than welcome to complete your walk on a different day, but we’d recommend you aim for Sunday 22 May so you can get involved with the live event and online activities we have planned for that day.

Where is The Banham Marsden March at Home?

You can do The Banham Marsden March at Home wherever you want. That’s the advantage of a virtual challenge! You can walk in your local streets, parks, or even at home in your garden or on a treadmill. Just make sure you stay local to complete your walk and ensure you follow the latest government guidelines.

Can I walk between the two Royal Marsden hospital sites?

No. Please do not attempt to visit our traditional Banham Marsden March route if you are taking part in the ‘at home’ event, for your safety and the safety of others.

You will be turned away if you attempt to join the traditional Banham Marsden March route.

Is there a registration fee?

No, you don’t need to pay a registration fee for The Banham Marsden March at Home.

What do I get when I register?

When you register, you’ll receive a FREE t-shirt to wear on your walk. You’ll also receive a FREE baseball cap, kindly provided by our sponsor Banham. We’ll send this in the post to you, at the address you registered with, in time for the big day.

Can I register my children?

Of course. You can add your children to your registration when you sign up and we will send you all a t-shirt and cap ready for the big day.  

Taking part in The Banham Marsden March at Home 

Do I have to do 5 or 15 miles in one go?

Yes. The idea of The Banham Marsden March at Home is that you complete the walk in one go. You can opt for either 5 or 15 miles, whichever is a challenge for you. You could also break the distance down into smaller walks, if that suits you.

How do I log my walk?

After you have completed your walk, you can log your walk on your fundraising page so your supporters know when you’ve completed it!

Can I take part as part of a team?

Absolutely! When you register you can create a team and once you are signed up you can let all your friends and family know your team name and they can sign up to join you.

Will I get a medal?

If you raise £150 on your individual page by 24 June 2022, we’ll send you a medal, to the address you provided when you register. If you would rather not receive a medal, you can opt to not receive one when you register.  

I can’t take part in The Banham Marsden March at Home anymore, how do I cancel my place/page?

No problem, send us an email  and we’ll cancel your registration.

Fundraising for The Banham Marsden March at Home 

How much do I have to raise?

There’s no minimum sponsorship target for The Banham Marsden March at Home, just raise as much as you can! If you raise £150, we’ll send you a medal to say thanks. 

How do I start fundraising?

When you sign up to The Banham Marsden March at Home, an online fundraising page will be automatically created for you with a target of £150 (but you can increase this if you like!).

To make the most of your page, we recommend you:

  • Add a photo
  • Set a target – we know that pages with targets raise more
  • Complete the ‘About me’ section – tell people why you’re supporting The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
  • Share your page – as far and as wide as you can using email, WhatsApp and social media, and ask your friends and family to sponsor you
  • Update – keep updating your page to keep your donors updated

How do I pay in my sponsorship money?

The easiest way for your family and friends to support you is online by donating to your GiveStar page.

All donations made on the page are automatically sent to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, so all you need to do is keep sharing that page to help you reach your target!

If you do receive cash donations or a cheque, please email [email protected] and we’ll give you details on how to get your sponsorship to us.