Terms and conditions of entry

These terms and conditions apply to all people participating in The Marsden March, which is organised and operated by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. By taking part in The Marsden March, each participant agrees to these terms and conditions.


‘You’, ‘walker’, ‘participant’, ‘I’: anyone taking part in The Marsden March

‘We’, ‘us’, ‘the charity’: The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

The ‘Event’, ‘The Marsden March’: a sponsored walk taking place on Sunday 4 March 2018 organised by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Participant entry

  1. For participants who register early (between 2 October 2017 and 4 December 2017) to take part in the Event, a reduced entry fee of £20.00 per adult shall be payable. For entries made after 23.59 on 3 December 2017, the full entry fee of £25.00 per adult shall apply. For children aged 10 and under on Event day entry will be free throughout the registration period. For children and young adults aged 11 to 17 (inclusive) on Event day an entry fee of £10 will apply throughout the registration period. This fee contributes towards the costs of staging the Event.
  2. Entry fees cannot be refunded or deferred to the following year.  
  3. Entry places in the Event are personal to participants and you may not transfer your place to anyone else without informing the charity. We can assist with transfers up until 16th February 2018. No transfers will be made after this time to ensure all records are up to date for the Event. It may cause problems if identification in the Event is needed for medical assistance if transfers take place after this date. 
  4. Entry will close on 5 January 2018 or before if all public entries are filled. Entries will not be accepted after this date
  5. The Marsden March has no age restrictions but we do ask that everyone taking part is registered, including all children. Participants aged 0 to 17 (inclusive) on the day of the event must be in addition to, and accompanied by another participant aged 18 or over. Participants aged 18 or over will be able to register participants aged 0 to 17 on the entry form. By registering participants under 18 where you are not that participant’s parent or legal guardian, you confirm that the relevant parental or legal guardian’s permission has been obtained.  
  6. Your entry will be processed by Active Network. ACT*ACTIVE will appear on your credit/debit card statement. 
  7. We reserve the right to refuse participation to any individual and to cancel or postpone the event completely for all participants at any time.


  1. Once you have registered you are unable to switch to an alternative distance without first notifying us. This is because we have strict capacity limits for each start, and for health and safety reasons we need to make sure that neither event distance exceeds its individual capacity.  If you do wish to switch to an alternative distance please contact the Marsden March team on 020 8770 0279 and we will endeavour to support your request. We cannot make any changes after 19 February 2018. 
  2. We reserve the right to refuse entry to participants who try to take part in the wrong event distance (14 miles and 5 miles) without prior approval (see section C. 1 above), and no refund will be provided.
  3. We reserve the right to alter or reduce The Marsden March route. No refunds will be due in these circumstances although we will try to notify participants in advance of any significant changes where we are able to do so.


  1. Wheelchair users are welcome to enter The Marsden March. All participants wishing to take part in the Event using a wheelchair must call The Marsden March team on 020 8770 0279 to make the appropriate arrangements. 
  2. Unfortunately, no roller skates/blades, skateboards and/or scooters or any other item that we deem unsuitable or which could potentially inhibit or affect the safety of other participants and/or spectators are allowed on the Event route.


  1. All participants and supporters must abide by these terms and conditions and any rules, instructions or regulations displayed or given on the day of the Event by police and/or Event officials.
  2. We respectfully ask all participants along with their supporters not to use aggressive or abusive language towards our organisers, marshals, and volunteers. You should also avoid behaving in a way which may cause injury or harm to other participants and/or spectators, or which may cause offence or damage the reputation of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.
  3. Spectators are not permitted to walk the route with participants. Everyone taking part in The Marsden March must be a registered participant.
  4. We respectfully ask all participants along with their supporters to be respectful of local residents whilst out on the route and not to make any excessive noise.
  5. We respectfully ask all participants and their supporters to use the litter and recycling facilities available within the start and finish area and checkpoints. Please respect the communities you are walking through and do not drop litter but carry it with you until you can dispose of it responsibly.
  6. We operate a no smoking policy at The Royal Marsden’s hospitals. We ask all participants and supporters to refrain from smoking tobacco products or e-cigarettes whilst taking part in The Marsden March.
  7. We reserve the right to ask participants and supporters to leave the Event if they do not adhere to these terms and conditions, and no refunds shall be given in these circumstances.

Closure of checkpoints and finish

We reserve the right to shut down the Event checkpoints and close access to the finish party of the Event at the following times:

Checkpoint 1 - Wimbledon Common to close at 2pm
Checkpoint 2 – King George’s Playing Field to close at 3.45pm
Checkpoint 3 – Nonsuch Park to close at 5pm 
Finish party – to close at 6.15pm 

Any participant who has not finished the Event by this time but chooses to continue does so at their own risk with the understanding that they are no longer considered a participant of the Event, and as such are not eligible for any Event resources (including but not limited to refreshments, course direction/support, personnel etc.), and that they absolve us of any and all responsibility and progress entirely at their own risk.

Health and safety and medical

Participants are responsible for ensuring that they are sufficiently fit and healthy to take part in The Marsden March. Any participant unsure of their physical ability to take part in the Event must seek medical advice from their GP prior to the Event.

The Marsden March is a non-competitive walk, and participants are reminded that running is not allowed. For health and safety reasons, all personnel have been instructed not to permit runners to take part in the Event. 

All participants must write the following on the reverse of their walking number, which must be visible at all times during the Event:

  • Your full name
  • Date of Birth (if under 18 years old)
  • The name and number of a person to contact in case of an emergency
  • Details of any health problems or current medication and any other information you consider could be relevant in the event of a medical emergency

We take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of injury to participants during fundraising events. There is a stringent risk assessment process in place for the Event, which aims to minimise or eliminate the risk to everyone taking part. By taking part in this Event, all participants acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks. 

By taking part in The Marsden March, you consent to receiving medical treatment administered by medically qualified personnel during the Event if required in any circumstances where you are unconscious or otherwise incapable of making a decision regarding medical treatment.

Use of personal data

  1. By providing us with your personal data (i.e. information that can be used to identify you or tell us about yourself, including the information on the reverse of your Event number) when you register for Marsden March, you confirm that you consent to such data being used by us solely for the purposes of organising, staging and administering the Event. If you provide personal data on behalf of additional entrants, you also confirm that you have obtained their consent for such data to be used for the same purposes. 
  2. In the case of an emergency we may pass personal details provided (either when registering for the Event or on the reverse of your Event number) to the emergency services or health care professionals, and also use them for the purposes of contacting your emergency contact. We will delete all medical information and emergency contact details provided during registration by the 7th March 2018. 
  3. All personal data held by us will be handled in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with RMCC’s privacy statement which can be found here.
  4. Your personal information may also be used for the purposes of sending communications to you where you have expressly confirmed that you would like to receive further information about the charity’s work when registering for The Marsden March.

Sponsorship and donations

  1. By participating in The Marsden March you are agreeing to raise a minimum of £150.00 for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
  2. Any money raised in connection with The Marsden March must be forwarded to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity no later than 4 June 2018
  3. Please note that we are unable to accept your sponsorship money on the day of the Event as we do not have the suitable cash handling facilities to fulfil this process.
  4. Sponsorship money for The Marsden March cannot be restricted to specific research funds or wards. All money raised will be distributed to projects approved by the Trustees of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Filming and photography

By taking part or attending the Event, all participants and spectators confirm they are happy for any photographs, video footage or stills taken during their participation in The Marsden March to be used by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity to publicise the event and/or other fundraising purposes including but not limited to, advertising, publications, marketing material and any other documents that may be made available to the public.