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Your gift will

  • Help make the fastest diagnosis and best treatments available to all
  • Mean we offer personalised care to meet everyone's individual needs
  • Help us to test and invest in pioneering equipment and influence how cancer is treated worldwide
  • Fund clinical trials to bring about breakthroughs in cancer treatment

Contact us to change your regular donation

We value your support, but we know that things can change and you may want to adjust how you support us.

To request an increase to your current regular donation or to change your donation, please call us on 020 7808 2233.

How we spend your money

Money raised by our supporters means The Royal Marsden can continue to provide the best possible treatment and care for patients.

Here’s where we spent that money in 2022 - 2023.

For more information, see our reports and accounts.

Life-saving research and world-leading treatment and care - £15.2m

Money raised by our supporters means The Royal Marsden can make a vital difference to those affected by cancer. With this support the Charity can fund life-saving research, enable hospital teams to provide world-leading treatment and care, invest in the latest equipment, and fund modern patient environments.

By funding the latest research and equipment, and world-leading professionals, we can ensure that each patient is given the very best treatment and care, supported not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically too.

Our funding also gives cancer patients access to state-of-the-art equipment, enabling new advances in cancer research and care that benefits cancer patients everywhere.

The cancer journey can be uncertain and frightening, and we understand the profound effect a welcoming, dignified environment can have on a patient’s experience – from the moment they are diagnosed through treatment and beyond. Your support ensures cancer patients, their friends and loved ones can have the best possible experience during this time.

Fundraising costs - £6.3m

These are the direct costs that the Charity incurs in order to raise voluntary income. It costs money to raise money but we continuously look to make savings wherever we can.


Investment and property management - £0.1m

Our investment portfolio supports the funding of major capital developments and research projects.

At The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity our aim is to maintain the short to medium term value of the portfolio in real terms with a low-to-medium risk portfolio.