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Payroll giving

Help The Royal Marsden improve the lives of those affected by cancer by donating straight from your salary.

Payroll giving, also known as give-as-you-earn or workplace giving, is an easy and simple way to support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Donating even just a small part of your salary helps us make a big difference to cancer patients here in the UK, and around the world.

Payroll Giving is a really effective and easy way for anyone to support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Each donation you make enables us to invest in groundbreaking research, leading to the development of new treatments which transform the lives of cancer patients.

Antonia Dalmahoy, Managing Director
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What is payroll giving and how do I sign up?

Payroll giving is a flexible scheme that allows you to make regular donations to the charities you care about, and it’s tax-free. Your gift is deducted before tax, so if you donate £1 it will only cost you 80p; the taxman pays the rest!

Donating through your payroll helps provide us with a reliable income so we can budget and plan ahead more effectively. Your support means we can continue to fund life-saving research, develop treatments, and provide the best possible care for patients.

To start supporting us through payroll giving, follow the simple steps below:

  1. You can sign up now, using our online form
  2. We’ll contact your employer to set up your monthly donations
  3. Your payroll department will start sending us your donation every payday

Your employer will need a payroll giving scheme already in place, such as CAF Give As You Earn, so check with your payroll or HR department that they do have one you can join.

Don’t worry if not; we can also help employers set up a payroll giving scheme. Just complete our sign-up form (we will use it to check if your company has a scheme in place) or contact us directly, and we can guide them through setting one up.

How much can I donate?

You can give as much as you like, change the amount whenever you want, or even pause your donations for a while. Just talk to your HR or payroll department.

If you pay the standard tax rate:

Your donation Cost to standard rate taxpayer (20%) Cost to higher rate tax payer (40%)
£5 £4 £3
£10 £8 £6
£15 £12 £9


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For employees:

  • It’s easy and tax-efficient
  • It’s a low cost way of giving back
  • You can change the amount easily or stop it whenever you want

For employers:

Offering a payroll giving scheme has numerous benefits for you and your employees:

  • It boosts employee wellbeing and work satisfaction
  • It improves your corporate social responsibility profile
  • It's cheap to set up

Lets get started

If you want to set up payroll giving we’d love to hear from you. We can talk you or your payroll department through the process. To get the ball rolling, you can call 020 7808 2233 or contact us below.