Supporters on their wedding day

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There are all sorts of personal reasons why people decide to turn a special event, meaningful milestone or anniversary into a reason to fundraise for us.

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A special occasion page on JustGiving allows you to collect donations easily from family and friends at your celebration.

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Black and white picture of Debbie and Dom's wedding day

Debbie's story

Debbie was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma after feeling increasingly tired and unwell. ‘I lost a lot of weight, and went from being an energetic and ambitious career woman to being almost unable to get out of bed,’ she says.

She had chemotherapy at The Royal Marsden and was eventually given the all-clear. When she married partner Dominic, Debbie decided to use her wedding day to show her gratitude to the hospital. ‘The Royal Marsden gave me my life back, so we asked guests to donate to the charity instead of buying wedding gifts,’ she says.

The newlyweds also gifted their flowers to the hospital for patients and visitors to enjoy.