Keeping key workers well during COVID-19

We’re so thankful for our staff who continue to provide high quality treatment and care to patients at our hospitals.

As the coronavirus continues to grow hospitals are inevitably facing increasing pressure. This is why it’s so important that our staff stay well during this time.

We’ve received some generously donated supplies from many retailers including:

- Non-perishable food from wholesaler Bookers. We were able to set up free shops at both hospitals, giving staff the chance to grab any essentials they may have needed, check out the amazing selection they got to choose from.

- Bread from GAIL’s Bakery, generously supported by our longstanding partner Ralph Lauren Corporation and by The Conduit. Lots of staff had said they couldn’t get bread in the shops, so this was one less thing for them to try and find at the end of a long shift.

- Groceries and lunches from Waitrose and Marks and Spencer. As well as smoothies and snacks from Pret. This meant we could deliver snacks and food to staff who couldn’t get out to buy anything on their shifts.

- Prepared meals from caterer Rocket food, also kindly made possible thanks to Ralph Lauren Corporation and The Conduit. To help staff who may have completed a long shift- to not have to think about preparing their own meal!


How to support key workers during coronavirus

Staying at home is so important right now, our Mental Health Nurse explains why, so the best way to support out staff is by donating online. The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity has launched an emergency appeal to ensure we can continue to treat and care for our cancer patients when they need us most. Find out more.

I have just eaten this as beautiful crusty toast with some lovely poached eggs after finishing my unexpectedly long shift! Thank you Gail’s bakery - it’s was lovely.

Georgie, MRI Radiographer

Volunteering during COVID-19

Volunteers from The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity organised and distributed goods to clinical staff.

"I had one nurse tell me that she hadn’t had time to go the shops so her boys were going to be so excited to get some treats. Another nurse said that it was incredibly helpful since she’s working 12 hour shifts and so everything is either closed or out of everything when she’s done!"

- Erica

"They were so grateful and in such positive spirits, it was so wholesome to be able to help those who are working on the frontline!"

- Ka Wai

"It was so lovely to be able to be able to help our NHS nurses and doctors to pick up essentials whilst at work. They really are heroes! So being able to give back, even in a small capacity like giving out free food, felt really good."

- Fionn

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