Q&A with Amanda Nordoff, Paediatric Research Sister

Amanda tells us about her role at The Royal Marsden as a Paediatric Research Sister.


What might a ‘typical’ day involve as a nurse working in paediatric research?

A day within research is always varied! We will typically start with the preparation of assessments and requirements for individual patients who are attending that day; ensuring everything is completed in line with the specific trial requirements. We act on any emails regarding our patients or trials that require change/attention from the previous day. Caring for patients with a holistic approach-not only providing trial treatment but also assessing other needs. Familiarity with the various protocols and trials is essential to ensure all trial data is captured appropriately.

We work very closely with tissue banks and cell banks to consent patients for future research. As a team we will also follow up on patients, liaise with other MDT’s and trusts, attend national and regional meetings relating to paediatric research, trials and patients and be involved with trial setups at RMH.

Why did you want to get into this field of nursing?

I have been within paediatric oncology for over 20 years and within that time seen many changes in the treatment guidelines and outcomes for patients. During that time, I have developed a keen interest to understand further how we come to administer the standard of care treatment and the processes involved to get treatment to that point. I have always been aware that clinical research is an ever-changing field of paediatric nursing which shapes the future of care provision and one that I wanted very much to be involved in. The role allows me to use my clinical skills and spend dedicated time with the patients and families as well as exploring the developing trials and expanding my own knowledge within them. I have a passion for teaching and the sharing of knowledge which are key parts of the role.

Why is it important to showcase paediatric research?

Paediatric research will impact the future of oncology nursing and outcomes for all patients. Research is essential to ensure we can provide the best options for patients from diagnosis to completion of treatment, ensuring best outcomes with minimal side effects. It is important to showcase the trials we have at The Royal Marsden to ensure access to trials is open for all patients not just those treated here.

What do you find most rewarding about your job at The Royal Marsden?

Having the privilege to work with such an amazing group of patients and their families and knowing that we share a part in providing treatment options for them that may otherwise not be available. Knowing that the work we do will have a positive influence on oncology nursing going forward. Being part of such a fantastic team including the doctors, nurses and data team, who all do so much for the patients and to shape the future of their care and paediatric clinical research here at The Royal Marsden.

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