da Vinci Xi

da Vinci Xi

In January 2015, The Royal Marsden became the first hospital in England to introduce the newest model of the da Vinci surgical system, the da Vinci Xi. This revolutionary robot makes it possible for surgeons to make microscopic incisions with greater accuracy and control than ever before.

The da Vinci Xi is a newer, more modern model that provides a magnified 3D view inside the body, with robotic arms that can move independently of the main body of the robot. This feature facilitates operating on multiple areas of the body, often required when dealing with advanced cancers.

The new robot was donated by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, through philanthropist and loyal supporter Don McCarthy, together with his children, Hannah and John.

Don said: “The Royal Marsden provided an excellent standard of care when my wife Diane was ill and it is really important to us to give something back. It’s great to know that our donation has gone towards some really exciting technology that will hugely benefit patients. Donating to such a wonderful cause is a fantastic way of ensuring the legacy of my late wife lives on and helps others in some way.”

Robotic Fellowship

The new da Vinci robot will be supported by a new robotic fellowship which could train up to 30 multi-disciplinary surgeons of the future in robotic surgery over the next 10 years. The da Vinci’s dual console facilitates this exclusive training and will allow trainee involvement on actual operations from day one, with complete patient safety.

Professor Martin Gore, Medical Director, said: “The Royal Marsden continues to be one of the largest providers of robotic surgical procedures for prostate cancer in the UK, and it is really exciting that with this new da Vinci Xi robot we have the opportunity to move into new tumour types.

Live tweeting

In March 2015 The Royal Marsden live tweeted an operation using the da Vinci Xi to remove the prostate gland of a patient as it was happening. We captured the highlights in a Storify.  

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“It was fantastic to see our donation go towards technology that will hugely benefit patients”
– Don McCarthy, Philanthropist

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