You too can experience the thrill of a lifetime and the sheer exhilaration of a 120mph freefall whilst raising money for a valuable cause.

Supporter Sarah Cassidy on her skydive
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Parachute Jump
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Take to the skies!

Skydiving is now a popular activity and not just for those daredevils amongst us. 

Jumps can be done for us in Salisbury or at various different airfields across the country.

Cost and sponsorship

Option 1

Parachute jumpers pay a £70 booking deposit to Skyline and raise a minimum of £395. This amount must have been raised two weeks before the jump date and covers the jump costs plus a donation so that we can enable The Royal Marsden to remain at the forefront of cancer treatment and research.

Option 2

Alternatively if you want The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity to receive 100% of your sponsorship as a donation, you can choose to fund your own jump costs.

Pay a £70 booking deposit to Skyline, plus an additional £200-£250 (depending on the airfield) to cover your jump. Then you can raise as much as you like for us!

Help is at hand!

With support from our fundraising team, we can help you get prepared for your big jump day. We can also send you:

  • fundraising materials and ideas
  • a t-shirt to do your skydive in
  • advice on how to reach your fundraising target
Stephanie taking part in her skydive
Stephanie takes to the skies

What's skydiving really like?

Stephanie took part in a charity skydive earlier this year and has shared with us what it really feels like and why you should take the plunge and get involved:

"Jumping out of the plane never felt safer as I was strapped to an instructor who had experienced over 6000 jumps.

 Looking at the view was the most rewarding part and knowing I’d done all of this for such a worthy cause was the icing on the cake.

If you’re thinking about taking part in a skydive, I would say without a shadow of doubt, do it. I was very nervous the night before but the adrenaline kicks in and the cause gets you through the fear.

What better way to tick something off on your bucket list than to help such an incredible cause in the process."

Watch Stephanie's Skydive!

Watch charity supporter Stephanie take to the skies for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

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