World-leading treatment and care

At The Royal Marsden we want to provide personalised treatment and care for a patient's cancer, but also support their emotional and physical wellbeing throughout their treatment.

A Royal Marsden nurse sitting down and smiling and talking with a patient in a hospital room
In 2022/23 we supported The Royal Marsden with a quality of services grant of
£5.9 million
to help The Royal Marsden to provide exceptional, personalised treatment and care for patients before, during and after cancer treatment.
Portrait of a smiling woman, she has short dark curly hair and is wearing a purple Royal Marsden Hospital lanyard over her shirt and jumper.
Sonali Seddon, Oncology Psychotherapist, in The Royal Marsden’s Adult Psychological Support Service.

Providing compassionate support

The Royal Marsden always puts patients at the heart of its work, supporting them at every stage of their cancer journey. By funding the latest research and equipment, and world-leading professionals, we can ensure that each patient is given the very best treatment and care, supported not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically too.

In 2022/23, the three-year quality of services grant has continued to fund vital counselling and psychological support for patients, including the Adult Psychological Support Service. This provides support to patients throughout their treatment at The Royal Marsden, ensuring that the mental health of patients is addressed alongside their physical wellbeing.

Thanks to this grant, the hospital has also been able to deliver a broad range of complementary therapies at The Royal Marsden in Chelsea and Sutton, including massage therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology. The service supports inpatients and outpatients with complex symptoms including pain, anxiety and concerns around altered body image, from diagnosis to post-treatment.

Two women stood outside smiling. The woman on the left is tall and wearing a white uniform. The woman on the left is shorter and wearing a navy blue nurses uniform.
Clinical Nursing Research Fellow Sarah Stapleton (right) and Occupational Therapist Tamsin Longley (left) developed the 'Emerging From the Haze' programme.


Personalised treatment and care

The grant has also helped to fund the prehabilitation team, which encompasses a range of therapies and medical support. The team works with patients to ensure they are physically and mentally ready to undergo cancer treatment, such as surgery, which helps to minimise cancelled or postponed operations as well as aiding the patient’s recovery.

Charity funding was also awarded to staff led projects like the 'Emerging from the haze' project which developed resources to better support patients experiencing cancer-related cognitive impairment (CRCI). Informative videos and online learning resources were created to provide patients with tools and strategies to optimise cognition following cancer treatment, as well as understand their symptoms and how to seek help.

"The team at The Royal Marsden have been absolutely wonderful. They’ve approached my care in a rounded way, looking after me as a whole person, rather than just treating my disease or a list of symptoms."

Peter - Prostate cancer patient at The Royal Marsden.