eBay for Charity

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Whether you’re a power seller or a compulsive buyer, you can support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity on eBay.

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Unwanted Christmas gifts?

Instead of letting those unwanted gifts languish in a drawer, why not sell them on eBay and donate some or all of the money to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity? Turn those duds into a present we'll definitely appreciate!

How it works

Sellers – you can give between 10% and 100% of the final selling price to us. eBay will reduce your listing cost accordingly. Just add The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity as your charity of choice during the normal selling process.

Buyers – take a look at the items for sale which will benefit The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Buying and selling items on eBay is easy and safe. If you've never used it before, find out more.

Amount of the eBay sale price you can donate