Help give more people the gift of time

By supporting research at The Royal Marsden, you could help our clinicians develop new life-saving cancer treatments.

Royal Marsden patient Julie in a floral dress and hat, standing on a country path in the summer, smiling and holding balloons

"When I had my diagnosis my world stopped. But a trial at The Royal Marsden gave me my life back."

– Julie, a patient at The Royal Marsden.

The Royal Marsden has one of the largest portfolios of clinical drug trials for cancer patients in Europe, achieving research breakthroughs that will make a vital difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. 

But with one in two of us expected to develop some form of cancer, we need your support to help fund this pioneering research.

Royal Marsden patient Julie, standing with her two young daughters in coats and hats in front of old country buildings and dry stone walls.

"Research is our future – it’s so important for us to support it.” 

When Julie, 51, was diagnosed with advanced medullary thyroid cancer in 2020, she thought she only had a year to live. Her partner and her children were devastated. Then she came to The Royal Marsden and was given the opportunity to join a clinical trial. Remarkably, by July 2022, her tumours had shrunk by almost 77%.

I am so thankful to still be here, able to spend time with my children and make more beautiful memories. I’ve been given more time than I ever imagined – there really is no greater gift. The Royal Marsden has given me my life back… That is why I support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Support vital research today to give more people, like Julie, and their families, hope for the future.