Payroll giving

Mother and son

Regularly donating a fixed sum from your salary is a simple way to give. It's also the most tax effective because donations are deducted before you pay tax. Also, the fact that we know how much and how often you will donate means that we can budget effectively and plan ahead.

By giving from your salary each payday, you will help everyone who benefits from the work of The Royal Marsden: scientists searching for cures, doctors who depend on the latest cancer treatments and technologies, and cancer patients and their families.

DonationCost to standard rate taxpayerCost to higher rate taxpayerCost to super rate taxpayer
£5 a month £4.00 £3.00 £2.00
£8 a month £6.40 £4.80 £4.00
£10 a month £8.00 £6.00 £5.00
£15 a month £12.00 £9.00 £7.50

To set up your gift please ask your payroll department if your employer offers a payroll giving scheme. If they don’t, let us know and we will contact them to help start one.

If they do have a payroll giving scheme in place then signing up couldn’t be easier. Just complete our payroll giving application form (PDF) and return it to us – we’ll do the rest.

To speak to our payroll giving representative, please call 020 7808 2233 or email us.