Mark receives immunotherapy treatment from a nurse at The Royal Marsden

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Our Will writing service is a free and easy way to write or update your Will with a solicitor. 

Writing or updating your Will can feel like a big decision, which is why we work with our trusted partners to make writing your Will simple and give you peace of mind.

Through our partners, you can make your Will online, over the phone or face to face with a solicitor local to you. 

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Co-op Legal Services

Create your free Will online with Co-op Legal Services' award-winning Will writing service.

Get started writing your Will online and you will receive a call from one of their dedicated Wills specialists to answer any questions and finalise your Will. You can also arrange a telephone appointment to write a Will with their specialist over the phone.

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National Free Wills Network

To write your Will in person with a solicitor, sign up today for your free Will pack from our trusted partners the National Free Wills Network. The National Free Wills Network work with over 800 firms of solicitors across the UK.

You will receive a pack in the post with you everything you need to make a free Will, including information about participating solicitors in your area.

A gift of any size makes a lasting difference.

Most people who use our Free Will Service choose to leave a gift to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. While there is no obligation to leave a gift to us, we hope you will be inspired to include us. Your support will help us continue to fund pioneering cancer research and life-saving treatment for people with cancer.

Mark's stepdaughter sits whit him while he receives cancer treatment at The Royal Marsden
A gift of any size will make a vital difference to the lives of cancer patients like Mark

What could leaving a gift in your Will do?

Mark was in his 30s when he was diagnosed with Melanoma. It came as a huge shock both to him and his family. Then he found out about a clinical trial being run at The West Wing Clinical Research Centre at The Royal Marsden.

The trial was exploring the use of an immunotherapy drug to treat people with melanoma and Mark was able to join the trial, which ended up saving his life.

The West Wing Clinical Research Centre is funded entirely by gifts left by people in their Wills.

"The Royal Marsden is an amazing place. The drug trial saved my life and now my cancer is something I can live with. I try not to think about what my life would've been had I not gone on the trial"

- Mark 

By choosing to leave a gift in your Will you can help fund pioneering research long into the future.

FAQs about our Free Will Service

Who can use the service?

Our Free Will service is available to adults living permanently in England or Wales looking to write a simple Will.

What kind of Will can I write using this service?

Our Free Will Service covers the cost of writing or amending a simple Will. Should your wishes be more complex than expected e.g. you have complicated family circumstances or you want to include certain types of trusts in your Will, then you will need to pay the difference between their normal fee for a simple Will and the complex Will fee (the simple Will element is always free). Any additional costs will always be discussed and agreed with you in advance.

Can I write a Will for me and my partner?

Yes, our Free Will Service covers the cost of Mirror Wills. You only need to register for the service once per Mirror Will.

Do I need to leave a gift to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity?

Most people who use our Free Will Service choose to leave a gift to charity; however there is no obligation to do so. Once you have considered your loved ones, we hope you'll be inspired to kindly leave a gift in your Will to us. Your gift can help fund our life-saving research that will make a vital difference to the lives of cancer patients long into the future.

Who writes the Will?

The solicitor firms within The National Free Wills Network and Co-op Legal Services will be responsible for any work they do on your behalf. They are all authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

More questions? 

If you have more questions about our free Will service you can get in touch with our Legacy team via phone on 020 7808 2233 at by email at [email protected]