Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls

These races are a way to really develop physical and mental power: "So many people seek adventure and challenge through computer games, when in truth we can all develop our own wilderness warrior spirit and physicality, for real" says the UK's most well-known adventurer.

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2019 TBC

Bear Grylls wants you to experience survival in the wild - a way to really develop physical and mental power.

The ultimate test

The inspiration behind the Bear Grylls races came from Bear's own deep-rooted experience of overcoming adversity in the wild which he believes can build a man or woman's physical and mental strength in a totally unique way.

So why not put his theory to the test with a survival race?  

5K Survival Race

Why not take on the 5k Bear Grylls Survival Race? Don't be fooled by the shorter distance. There are at least 20 obstacles to challenge individuals and teams along the way. 

Registration fee: £35
Fundraising target: £150

10K Survivor Race

Come and take on the 10k Survival Race. There are at least 35+ obstacles to challenge racers and teams along the way, as well as test and develop your tenacity and spirit of adventure.

Registration fee: £35
Fundraising target: £250

30K Ultimate Survival Race

For those who want to be put through the ultimate test, the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Race has been created by Bear Grylls and his crack team of survival and OCR enthusiasts.

This race is limited to just 1,000 athletes and will be the first of its kind. Join this elite group to tackle 30k and 105+ obstacles and become one of the few who can say they have completed the Ultimate Survival course.

Registration fee: £50
Fundraising target: £350

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