Great Wall Discovery

Ever thought about 'conquering' the imperial masterpiece of the Ming dynasty? Want to take the ultimate step challenge? Feel ready to take on the crumbling, twisting pathways of the Yan Mountains and take in the historic landscapes and timeless watchtowers of the Great Wall?

Trekkers on the Great Wall
14th September 2019
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Walk / Trek
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In this once-in-a-lifetime epic 9 day trip you will be hiking between 4 and 8 hours a day, covering approximately 50 kms over 5 days.

You'll also get to experience China's bustling capital – including a visit to the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. Wow. Just wow!  

Constructed to defend China against the nomadic tribes, the Great Wall is an exciting twisting challenge of ups and downs.

Starting out four hours north of Beijing, our odyssey takes us on a series climbs and descents of over 10,000 relentless steps over five days, following the winding wall along the mountains that range either side of the Gubeikou Gateway.

We believe all thoughts of fatigue will pale into insignificance when rewarded with iconic vistas at every turn over the vast majestic landscapes.

Various dates available in 2020.

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