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In partnership with The Institute of Cancer Research, we are the UK’s only National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre for cancer. Together we undertake groundbreaking laboratory and clinical research to discover new ways to treat different types of cancers.

We are the leading centre for cancer clinical trials in the country, running over 450 trials each year. But it’s not enough. Our expert clinical research teams know the areas they need to research and the potential outcomes that could result, but they need funding to be able to achieve it.

We need investment to be able to run many more clinical trials to achieve the next breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

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The groundbreaking clinical research we do has far reaching impact, nationally and internationally. Support The Royal Marsden and you’re investing in a future beyond cancer for you and everyone you know.

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Clinical trials

We need to run many more clinical trials to achieve the next treatment breakthroughs. We are constantly furthering our understanding of different types and sub-types of cancers, and making significant treatment breakthroughs, but the funding for clinical research is standing still.

Targeted therapies such as Abiraterone and Vemurafenib really are extending and improving people’s lives. At the same time, new clinical research such as our PACE and FOrMAT studies are giving patients hope of a brighter future.

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It’s only by running more clinical trials that we’ll achieve more breakthroughs that will lead to more lives saved.

Other cancer research projects we’ve supported

“Being at the forefront of cancer research means we can be the first to deliver new treatments to patients.”
– Dr Johann de Bono, Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology

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